Economic and Political Analysis of Washington Leadership

Cheryl Casone has closely studied the impact of proposed and soon-to-be implemented policies in Washington that will impact your investments, your business, and your taxes.

Investing with a Windfall

Cheryl Casone gives perspective and guidance to the younger generation who find themselves with a sudden inheritance or large sum of money. She speaks of her personal experience learning the investment world on her own without the benefit of a formal finance education.

Women’s Financial Issues

Cheryl Casone shows women the ties between our emotions and our investment strategies. She shows women that through patience and a basic understanding of money and markets, women can and usually do find more success with their portfolios.

Making A Comeback

Cheryl guides you through the reality of a new career, a return to a career, or a change in career, no matter who you are and what stage of your life you are at currently.

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