The Comeback: How Today’s Moms Reenter the Workplace Successfully

Myth: “My kids will suffer if I work full time.”
Reality: Your kids will be fine. In fact, the example you set by going back to work may leave them better off.

Myth: “No company will want me since I don’t have the skills I used to have.”

Reality: Don’t sell yourself short. You have unique skills and experiences that every company needs. What you don’t have, you can learn.

Myth: “Getting back to work is impossible.”
Reality: Millions of women have made the comeback. You can, too.

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Karyn never intended to work full time again after leaving to raise her two children. But seven years later, when a divorce seemed imminent, she went job-hunting — only to find that getting back was as daunting as climbing Mt. Everest. With no resume, no current contacts, and no transferable skills for the jobs she was applying to, Karyn didn’t even know where to start.

Countless women face situations like this every day, with little or no guidance. They’re told to “lean in” and lobby for more sympathetic workplaces, but none of that solves the immediate practical problem: “I need a job. Now.”

Fortunately, career expert and Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone has written a comprehensive guide to making the comeback. After interviewing hundreds of women who are willing to share both their successes and their mistakes, Casone offers a one-stop shop for moms at every stage of the process. This is the perfect book if you’re….

  • Pregnant and wondering how to take an extended maternity leave without losing your contacts and momentum.

  • Trying to stay connected and relevant in your field while you’re away.

  • Planning the timing of your comeback

  • Thinking about what to say in interviews about the gaps in your resume.

  • Looking for creative alternatives if your former career just isn’t possible anymore.

  • Struggling with prejudice against working moms.

The many real-life stories in this book (including Karyn’s) prove that with a smart strategy and some determination, almost any mom can make a successful comeback. In the process she can improve her standard of living, her self-esteem, and probably also the well-being of her kids.

As Casone writes, “No matter who you are, no matter why change comes into your life, I hope this book will help you to do what my mom did: to stare that change in the face and say with confidence, ‘Bring it!’”

praise for the book

Working moms need every tool at their disposal to help guide them through the chaos and joys of daily life. Cheryl Casone’s The Comeback is an indispensable resource.”

Laura Ingraham,
host of The Laura Ingraham Show

I’ve read a lot of books on women in the workplace, but this is the first one that has provided both the down-to-earth advice and uplifting encouragement that we working moms need.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle,
co-host of The Five

The ultimate manual for moms looking to return to—and stay at—work.”

Ann Mukherjee,
chief global marketing office, SC Johnson

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